Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Diamond Lash Series: Little Wink Series

This new eyelash series was just put up on sale on Diamond Beauty's online store, and will officially be rolled out in Japan on 2/24. The models for this series features Narumi Nakakita (former PopSister, current Edge Style model), Yumi Higashino (BLENDA model), and Yuki Yamamoto (JELLY model) and is supposed to go for a more natural, eyelash extension look. It reminds me a lot of Dolly Wink's new Otona line!

Wink eye:

Airy eye:

Secret eye:

Romance eye:

Muse eye (accent):

Honey eye (bottom):

Personally I'm not a huge fan of natural looking lashes (except when at work and school presentations), but I think these will be REALLY popular with people as I see the new Dolly Wink series is selling out quickly. What do you think?


  1. I'm not a fan of natural lashes either haha, but yeah like you said work or school are nice places for them, and I guess I would try wing eye and secret eye if I ever wanted natural look~

  2. Lol my kind of lashes, i hope they get them supplied in nz asap. Thanks for the updates & photos ^^

  3. They're so cute!
    I love the secret eye one,looks really sweet and sexy.

  4. I LOVE LASHES WITH WINGS! (*__*) they always look so good and gives the eye that "cat" look! if Diamond Lashes were only cheaper *sighs* xD

  5. I also prefer lashes with more volume and longer, but from this series I like "muse" accent lashes the most! Lashes like that are just PERFECT for days when you want to look like you just have nice lashes without wearing fake lashes (cheating everyone by wearing accent lashes of course XD).

  6. Wow Wow! Are really natural and girly! I like it!

  7. Natural lashes are really coming in now huh?
    Its nice to see a new collection :)
    They remind me a little of the first Dolly Wink collection but a little softer and Im sure theyre better value as you get more than 2 pairs :)

  8. Seems many are going natural.....I feel like why wear natural lashes when you can wear super dramatic and beautify the whole look? But who knows? There are those who are looking for something natural to wear at school and work, and it seems as its becoming a huge trend ^^

  9. I'm pretty stoked for this!! I'm all for natural!! My life is all about school and work it's perfect ;D Thanks for the update!

  10. not a fan of being natural, lol. but its nice to know there's an option for those days you don't want to be bold. :X id rather spend more money on the older diamond series if im going to be ordering from overseas though =/

    thanks for sharing the trend! :)