Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day Beauty Swap with Krystal

I participated in a beauty swap put together by Kelly of Lipgloss Love Affair for Valentine's Day, and I got paired up with Krystal from Singapore. We are really fortunate to get along really well with each other, and that we both had brands of products that we wanted to get items from :D So here's how our swap went~

 I won't list everything since there is a lot of items, but I'll share a couple behind the cut~
Krystal was really excited to get me this KATE eyeshadow palette, which I was super happy to receive! It featured 3 different shimmer/pearl eyeshadows for a smokey eyeshadow look fit for brown eyes, along with eyebrow powders that I can use for my eyebrows and nose contouring.

Opened up, so you can see the shades :D

Another amazing surprise I got was a Maybelline Japan exclusive Volum' Express Hypercurl Mascara featuring Hello Kitty and zebra print! This is a well-loved mascara by Japanese gyaru :) I'm really pleased with it because it reminds me a lot of a Bourjois mascara I used to love a very long time ago.

Closeup on the Hello Kitty details ♥

She also sent a lot of different samples, including some BB creams and some high-end skincare ones as well!
I'm really excited to try the Maybelline BB cream!

Here's also a Tonymoly Liptint that she sent, and you can see that she really secured the packaging very well!
Overall I was very pleased with this experience, because not only did I get some beauty items I normally wouldn't be able to receive, I made a new friend out of it! Thank you to Krystal for the items and Kelly for matching us up!

Also just FYI, if you live somewhere in Asia, Australia or the UK, I would love to do swaps with you! Just drop me a line and we'll discuss :)


  1. That's so nice!!
    I wish I found some gyaru that live here in Thailand,too =_=
    To tell the truth,I've never seen one here in Blogger.
    I'm a bit jealous of western gyaru and other asian gyaru communities XD

  2. All is really interesant!!
    The Hello Kitty design is lovely!

  3. So sweet Hello Kitty mascara <3
    I really look for test posting about BB-cream... I just got in BB Cream test group by Garnier... I think it's great that huge brands start producing BB-cream too, but I think, they're bit late... ha.
    Oh dear, I should post about swap soon too... Been just sick and new apartment and *sigh*... Will you swap again? ^__^

  4. Hello :D

    Glad to know that all the items are intact and the Kate palette wasn't broken. Hope you'll enjoy the package that I've sent you, will def blog about the one you've sent me soon!

    I've changed my blog address to :
    Feel free to drop me an email if you would like to try more products from Asia, Singapore!


  5. Hi there, I live in KL, Malaysia and I would love to do a beauty swap with you. We have plenty of korean and Japanese cosmetics brands like laneige, etude house, skinfood , the face shop, nature republic, and they have loads of bb creams. Also there is this Taiwan skincare known as Naruko, that is developed by a very renowned beauty guru,definitely worth checking out. Let me know if ur keen k:))

    I can be reach at
    Also my blog :