Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Important information regarding Diamond Lash Custom Packs

Hello everyone!

I know a fair amount of my visitors come inquiring about my Diamond Lash Custom Packs, so I would like to announce some important things.
First off, from 2/1/13-2/18/13, anyone who orders 5 or more pairs of Diamond Lash will be eligible for a 10% discount! So definitely plan to order some while supplies last.
Secondly, this part is pretty much bad news overall. The US Postal System raised prices dramatically for my overseas customers, so prices have gone from $4 shipping to $7 for 1-2 packs and $10 for 3-5 packs. This is so unfortunate because I know I have many overseas customers! US Customers aren't too negatively impacted, but for those who order more than 2 packs will see an increase in each additional pack from .50 cents to $1.

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