Sunday, January 13, 2013

Makeup tutorial featuring Smashbox x Curtis Kulig's Love Me Eyeshadow Palette in Entice Me

I'm finally back on the internet! It has been a painful half week without internet, but I have been productive in household chores so I guess it wasn't too terrible. While I was gone from the internet I decided to make a makeup tutorial featuring one of the new Smashbox x Curtis Kulig Spring 2013 Love Me Eyeshadow palettes in Entice Me!

I originally fell in love with Curtis Kulig's Love Me print after interning at OBEY Clothing and getting to work with their Spring 2012 Love Me collection. So I was very excited when Smashbox announced their partnership with him!

How gorgeous is the packaging? I want the rest of the collection but might wait until IMATS Los Angeles to see if the Smashbox @ Naimies booth will have it :) The tutorial is after the jump!

The eyeshadows in general were on the sheer side, but buildable and very easy to blend with each other. I'm glad that even with some bolder colors it was possible to make them more neutral looking! I had fun making this tutorial and would love to do more in the future. If you guys have any requests, please let me know.


  1. your makeup is very detailed!!
    Most of the time my makeup is just as simple as 'I just do what I gotta do' but it gets pretty mixed up from time to time =w=;

    1. I usually like to do my makeup detailed like that, but some days when I'm in a rush I will only use one eye shadow color to save time! It's definitely fun to mix it up though :)