Thursday, January 17, 2013

Review + Tutorial: SKINFOOD Peach Sake Pore BB Cream in #5 Honey Beige

I should be very fortunate that SKINFOOD's US office is located where I live, because we also have a retail store and some special things not available in other stores. One of their most famous products is their Peach Sake BB Cream that is originally offered in only 2 shades, but in-store they have 5 or 6 shades that range from very light to dark toned skin! I bought it immediately when I saw the extended shade range and picked up my perfect shade, #5 Honey Beige. So what do I think of this Korean BB Cream?

I took a picture of the back of the bottle, so you can see everything is in English! I know people often want to know the ingredients list, which you can see clearly as well.

My first impression is that I LOVE THE SCENT! It smells like Japanese white peaches, which reminds me of my childhood. As a child my father used to work in Tokyo and I would stay with him whenever I wasn't in school. My brother and I were very spoiled and our parents bought us Japanese white peaches everyday, and I didn't find out how expensive they were until I was in high school! It gave me more respect for my parents...
Well that was a long off-topic story! Here's swatches of the BB Cream blended and unblended.
You can barely see the BB cream when it's not blended, which is a good thing!

Here is my FOTD freshly applied. You can learn how to do this look at the end of the post ;D
It provides a nice medium coverage that covers up most of my imperfections, but I had to use an additional concealer to get rid of some of my redness and dark spots. I used 2 pumps of the BB Cream applied all over my face.

Here is my FOTD again after 10 hours of wear. I did not touch up my makeup at all during this time and did not blot my nose!
You can see that my t-zone is slightly shiny, but that's to be expected after 10 hours! I think it still looks almost the exact same as when I first applied it.

- A nice Korean BB Cream available locally for me.
- Provides medium coverage while skin remains natural looking.
- HEAVENLY SCENTED, if you love peaches you'll love this!
- Available in a wide variety of shades, up to par or more than what is available from Missha and other Korean brands.
- As typical of Korean brands, lots of free samples and goodies when you purchase from their official stores!

- Very thick texture. I know BB Creams typically are supposed to be thick in texture, but this is the thickest of all of the ones I've tried so far.
- Coverage isn't too buildable. I love full coverage and can't get it there.
- Availability of the additional shades is limited to SKINFOOD's US locations... which I think there is only one or two of them?
- Additional shades are not available online, and SKINFOOD's Official site doesn't have information for them.

Wonderful BB Cream that covers while looking incredibly natural. This shade suits me very well and very happy that SKINFOOD is expanding their shade range. This is probably the best smelling face product I've ever used, and makes me happy whenever I wear it! I would definitely recommend this for people who need coverage for mild redness and large pores and need something that isn't too heavy. What I would love to see in the future is the wider availability of the expanded shade range so that more people can enjoy it!

Recommended? Yes! ABSOLUTELY YES!!

Where to buy?
Entire shade range can only be found in SKINFOOD's US Store Locations, $20
Original shades can be found easily online, ranging from $8-20.

Here's the tutorial for my FOTD as well. It's very detailed from start to finish and is very close to my everyday makeup routine, so I hope you all enjoy it and learn something from it! This makeup isn't too heavy so it's a good everyday gyaru makeup routine.


  1. Ooo! I would so love to try it! If it smells like peach ;] too bad we don't have a skinfood shop here

    1. I'm so sorry you don't have a store where you live! Hopefully the demand for their products will be high enough that there will be a wider availability :D

  2. hey is this bb cream oil free ? =)